Mr Webb runs one or two clinics a week at Spire Bristol Hospital, with his main clinic being on a Monday morning. At the Nuffield Bristol Hospital his clinic runs weekly.

It is usual practice for patients to have seen their general practitioner first in order for the referral to be made, indeed some insurance companies will require this route of referral. However patients may also be referred by other practitioners such as physiotherapists, osteopaths, physicians and other surgeons. The NHS run a “Choose and Book” system that also allows a referral route. If you are self-funding you do not need a referral

Appointments to see Mr Webb can be made via his secretaries and can usually be scheduled within one to two weeks. The secretary will provide you with the details via the booking department in the respective hospital.

At the first consultation Mr Webb will undertake a thorough clinical assessment and will discuss the likely diagnoses and treatment options. Appropriate investigations will be ordered and based on the timing of these and the clinical scenario, a second appointment may be required to discuss the results.

In the case of hip replacement surgery – the pros and cons and potential complications will be discussed with you at the clinic appointment. You will be provided with the British Hip Society information booklet and a link to the information on their website. If you wish to proceed with the surgery you will then need to sign a consent form.

Following your surgery – clinic appointments will be made for you to ensure you are making a good recovery. You will also receive outpatient physiotherapy.