Mr Webb has honorary lecturer status with Bristol University in recognition of his ongoing contribution to research and teaching.

Research Grants

  1. Doris Hillier Grant (MD Thesis) 2003 British Medical Association

    Mr Webb was awarded this competitive national grant for £11,500 for his research into bone cement properties. The grant is awarded for arthritis related research and the funds were used to pay for the apparatus and consumables of Mr Webb’s MD research project.

  2. Joint Action Research Grant (British Orthopaedic Association) 2013

    £30,000 research grant: Awarded to Mr Herbert Gbejuade for MD research (Biofilm). Co-applicant.

  3. INFORM Trial – NIHR £2M grant

    Multicentre NIHR funded trial studying outcome of one vs two-stage revision for prosthetic joint infection of hip. Mr Webb is a lead clinician for NBT (Trial Lead Centre).

Peer reviewed papers

  1. Gaining a new perspective, reflections on a traveling fellowship

    Curtin B, Webb J
    AAOS Now (July 2015)

  2. One stage exchange for prosthetic joint infection of the hip

    Zahar A, Webb J, Gehrke T, Kendoff D.
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  3. Re-infection outcomes following one-and two-stage surgical revision of infected hip prosthesis in unselected patients: protocol for a systematic review and an individual participant data meta-analysis

    Kunutsor S, Whitehouse M, Webb J, Toms A, Stockley I, Taylor A, Jones S, Wilson M, Burston B, Board T, Whittaker JP, Blom A, Beswick A.
    Systematic Reviews (2015). 4(1); 1-8.

  4. Cost savings for cemented Total Hip Replacements for the over 70’s
    Good for the hip pocket: the cost cutting project improving surgery

    Foote J, Smith J, Atwal N, Webb J, Eastaugh-Waring S.
    Health Service Journal (11th May 2015)

  5. The role of microbial biofilms in prosthetic joint infections.

    Gbejuade HO, Lovering A, Webb JCJ.
    Acta Orthopaedica Scand (2014). Sept 19; 1-12.

  6. Stem compatibility for cement-in-cement femoral revision: an in vitro study.

    Berstock J, Torrie PAG, Smith JRA, Webb JCJ, Baker RP.
    Hip International (2014) In press.

  7. Impaction grafting of the acetabulum with ceramic bone graft substitute: High survivorship in 43 patients with a mean follow-up period of 4 years.

    Whitehouse MR, Dacombe PJ, Webb JCJ, Blom AW.
    Acto Orthopaedica (2013). 84 (4); 371-376.

  8. Characterisation of in vivo release of gentamicin from poly methyl methacrylate cement using a novel method.

    Webb JC, Gbejuade H, Lovering A, Spencer R.
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  9. Impaction grafting of the acetabulum with ceramic bone graft substitute mixed with femoral head allograft: High survivorship in 43 patients with a median follow-up of 7 years.

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  10. A step-by-step guide to making total hip replacement deliver value.

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  11. A comparison of the validity and reliability of established bone stock loss classification systems and the proposal of a novel classification system.

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  12. A comparison of digital and manual templating using PACS images.

    Berstock JR, Webb JCJ, Spencer RF.
    Ann R Coll Surg Engl. (2010) 92(1); 73-74.

  13. A review of the role of Polymethylmethacrylate Bone Cement in modern orthopaedic surgery

    Webb JCJ, Spencer RF.
    Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery [Br]. 2007; 89-B: 851-7.

  14. Mechanical characterisation of three percutaneous vertebroplasty biomaterials.

    Gheduzzi S, Webb JCJ, Miles AW
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  15. A Proximal femoral referencing system for the Charnley low friction arthroplasty.

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  16. The prevalence of spinal trauma associated with brachial plexus injuries.

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  17. A review of fracture healing.

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  18. Correlation between p53 mutations and antibody staining in breast carcinoma.

    Dunn JM, Hastrich DJ, Newcombe J, Webb JCJ, Maitland NJ, Farndon JR.
    Br. J. Surg. (1993) 80, 1410-1412.

Book Chapters

  1. The Infected Implant – What next?

    Editor – Sochart DH. Triton Press. 2011. ISBN 978-80-7387-537-4
    Author of Chapters:
    1. Introduction to prosthetic joint infection.
    12. Postoperative treatment.
    13. Antibiotic loaded bone cement (With Peter Seidel).

  2. The Hip. Editor in Chief J.Parvizi

    Published 2015.
    Chapter 16: PMMA with RF Spencer

Ongoing Research

  1. Antibiotic loaded bone cement properties paper – submitted
  2. INFORM trial publications
  3. MD thesis publications


  1. The Impact Of Daptomycin And Vancomcyin Loaded Palacos RG On Gentamicin Elution.

    HO Gbejuade, AM Lovering, AW Blom, JC Webb.
    Bone Joint J 2013 95-B:(SUPP 18) 12

  2. A comparison of digital and manual templating using PACS images.

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  3. An in-vitro comparison between the initial stability of a cementless stem in composite and cadaveric models.

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  6. A comparison of femoral component positioning in posterior and lateral approaches to the hip.

    Webb JCJ, Bannister GC.
    Hip International (2001) Vol. 11 (Suppl 1); S175


Medical teaching is Jason Webb’s main passion outside of his surgical practice.

He is a member of Palacademy, an international arthroplasty educational foundation and chairs an annual revision hip meeting in the UK and has lecturing duties on both national and international courses.

In the last three years he has been an invited speaker or chairman of over 35 courses and conferences giving more than 70 lectures and presentations.

He also teaches on practical surgical skills courses for surgeons in training.

He is the Teaching Programme Director for Senior Orthopaedic Trainees in the Severn Deanery region.


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